Today Is a Good Day To Make a CHANGE.

Renew your mind, discover unhealthy patterns in your relationships, strengthen family bonds, and heal from invisible wounds.  We are an agency that is invested in our clients shifting towards emotional health, healing and wholeness.

It is with great care, compassion, and respect that we also help our clients unpack their unique experiences, as they walk through the world as a people of color, and explore how these experiences impact and shape their personal identity and relationships.  It is our hope that by working through these challenges, we will establish the groundwork to replace helplessness with strength and clarity.

We encourage you to take the first step and connect with us today… 

Individual Therapy

How life’s challenges can affect an individual depends on various influences to include sociocultural factors, self- perception, familial traditions and social support.  Let’s process your journey one-on-one in a confidential and non-judgmental environment. Ages 13 to 65.

Therapy for Families

Family therapy is most effective when the therapist is sensitive to the cultural dynamics within the family and is attuned to the unique feelings, attitudes, learned behaviors and patterns within the family system. Healthy family relationships can contribute to overall good mental and emotional health.

Therapy for Couples

Relationships can be tough; and it’s difficult to navigate through hurt feelings when you can only see from your perspective. Let’s work to uncover past experiences and learned familial patterns that are currently impacting your ability to move forward as one.

Military and Veterans

Military personnel and veterans are at higher at risk for developing emotional, mental, and physical health challenges. Being aware of the multilayered social and cultural dynamics within one’s experiences is vital in addressing the psychological, emotional and social needs specific to active duty military, veterans and their families. 

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